Office for European affairs

The district of Swabia sees himself as a brick of Europe. With his sister regions, he targets at approaching the European citizens overcoming frontiers and language barriers. Just now, the regions and their social and cultural competences gain a special importance.

Partnerships: The twinned regions

The district of Swabia supports partnerships with the following regions:

  • historical region of Bukovina at Romania and Ukraine
  • Département de la Mayenne, France

The Office for European affairs at the district of Swabia...

  • ...offers support and competent advice in terms of twinning projects.
  • ...informs you about
    • European funding programmes
    • latest European issues

What we offer:

  1. Partnership contacts
    We support the preparation and finishing of twinning agreements between towns in Swabia and towns in our sister regions.

  2. Project assistance
    We accompany towns and communes in the beginnings of their partnership and are to their disposal during the first project implementations.
  3. Youth 
    We attach special importance to the implementation of projects with and for young people. 
    Therefore we offer trainings for all persons in charge of youth twinning projects. 

    Here you will find further information about the European program "Youth for Europe" or about the "Franco-German Youth Office”.

  4. Funding
    For special events such as the signature or the anniversary of a twinning agreement and for youth projects (journeys to Mayenne), we give financial support to our twin towns.

  5. Project implementation
    We organize twinning events all over the district of Swabia.

  6. Information activities
    We regularly inform about the projects with our sister regions  and about latest European issues and funding programs.

  7. Public relations
    There is a constant exchange with our colleges in the sister regions.